Best Blackjack Apps in 2022

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Play Offline Blackjack for Free

Playing in an offline casino means you can play blackjack for free without putting a cent of your bankroll on the line. Plus, you can play from absolutely anywhere, any time, irrespective of whether you have Internet or not.

With today's free casino apps you don't even need cash in your account to take part in blackjack online or from a blackjack mobile casino. So even if you're waiting for your paycheck to arrive, you can still get in some blackjack practice for free, between playing for real cash.

How To Play Blackjack Offline

Offline blackjack is played in just the same was as blackjack online with each player taking on the dealer in turn in an attempt to get a total card value or 21 or closest to it. The only difference when you play offline is that you're not wagering real money. So even if you lose a hand, it hasn't chipped anything off your bankroll.

To be successful at blackjack you need to know the assigned values of each card within the 52-card deck:

Cards from 1 to 10

2-10 cards are worth their respective face value

King, Queen and Jack

King, Queen and Jack cards count as 10


Aces are worth 1 or 11

Blackjack rules vary depending on which style of blackjack you're playing but the following steps are the basic rules of classic 21.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5

Players must place a bet in order to enter the game. All bets are placed prior to gameplay beginning so essentially you're betting blind.

Once each seat at the table is full, or no more bets have been called, the dealer deals themselves, and each participating player at the table, two cards each from the shoe.

Each player takes on the dealer individually. It doesn't matter what the player left or right of you has in their hand, all that matters is that your hand beats the dealer for you to win your bet.

You must look at your two cards and decide whether you want to ‘stand’ (stay with the two original cards you have in your hand) or ‘hit’, which means you would like the dealer to deal you one more card.

Step 4 repeats until one of two things happen: either you decide to stand or you go bust (going bust means your hand value exceeds 21). If this occurs, the dealer automatically wins. Likewise, if the dealer busts, you (and all other players still in the game) win.

The only exception to the above is if either you or the dealer has drawn a natural 21 with your first two cards. A natural 21 means that the two cards add up to 21 exactly in value. If this occurs the person with natural 21 (aka blackjack) wins.

Play at the Best Mobile Blackjack Casinos

Whether you're looking to sharpen up your skills with a few hours' blackjack practice, or want to take a break from blackjack online, free casino apps are the best way to take part in free blackjack games on your tablet or cellphone.

You'll find the best blackjack mobile casinos offering no download blackjack in our teams' top-rated ‘best blackjack app’ recommendations. These include Apple iPhone and iPad optimized free blackjack as well as the Android casino apps that make it easy to play blackjack without an active Internet connection.

So what are you waiting for? With so many incredible free blackjack, no download, casinos to choose from, there's no time like the present to give free blackjack games a whirl.

Blackjack Apps Versus Desktop Play

App Hits
  • Play free blackjack games whenever, wherever
  • Enjoy exclusive bonuses and promotions
  • Discover features optimized for smaller screen sizes
App Misses
  • Restricted to free-play when not on Wi-Fi or data roaming
  • Miss out on bonuses offered to desktop users only
  • Apps can zap your cell or tablet's battery life quickly
Desktop Hits
  • Huge selection of blackjack variants available
  • Easily switch between free-play and real cash games
  • Take advantage of huge sign-up bonuses for desktop players
Desktop Misses
  • Play is restricted to a fixed location at all times
  • It's easier to burn through your bankroll quickly
  • You lose out on bonuses for mobile players

Mobile Blackjack Dos And Don'ts

Here's how to avoid looking like a fish when you take part in offline blackjack games from your mobile.

Check and x symbols
  • Do split pairs except with 10 value cards
  • Don't take insurance
  • Do hit on hand values of 11 or lower
  • Don't play where the odds are less than 3:2
  • Do assume that the dealer's hole card is a 10 value
  • Don't take part in games when you're drunk
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  • Can I play offline blackjack for real money?

    To take part in real money blackjack you need to be connected to the Internet and have a registered casino account at a licensed casino online. You also need to upload real cash into your bankroll to bet with, otherwise, you'll be restricted to playing for free or with virtual money.

  • What is the main goal of blackjack?

    The main goal is to win! You need your hand to beat the dealer's, either by getting a natural blackjack with your two hole cards or standing on a hand value that's closer to 21 than the dealer.

  • How many types of blackjack game are there?

    A lot! Online casinos typically offer a few variations to the classic rules just to keep things sweet and interesting. These include multi-deck blackjack, double exposure, blackjack switch, pontoon, Spanish 21 and European blackjack. To name but a few! In total there are around 25 blackjack variations online that we're familiar with. But not all casinos will offer them all so you might have to shop around a little to try out the different types.

  • Do I need to download special software to play blackjack?

    If you want to play blackjack offline then you'll need to download software to your desktop or mobile device. If you want to play for cash and you're connected to the Internet, then it's fine to play blackjack at an in-browser casino online.

  • How can I improve my gameplay?

    Practice playing for free and learning basic blackjack strategies. Those are the best two ways to get better at blackjack and improve your odds of winning.