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Fantasy sports-betting has been around for a long time but in the last few years it has absolutely exploded in popularity. Millions of people have signed up, drafted their own teams and are competing for real money. If you’re not one of them, you’re missing out.

But which of the online fantasy sports betting sites is best? Thanks to our in-house gambling experts, we have the answer. We’ve reviewed and ranked the biggest fantasy sports sites in the world based on what’s most important to fantasy sports gamblers like us.

Keep reading on this page to learn more about:

  • The best sites to join for daily fantasy sports betting
  • How to join a fantasy sports league and create a team
  • Tips and strategies to help you win at fantasy sports betting
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Fantasy Sports Betting Guides

How Does Fantasy Sports Betting Work?

Chances are you’re at least a little familiar with fantasy sports but even if you’re a stone-cold rookie, you won’t have any problems picking it up.

Let’s go through the basic concepts behind fantasy sports point by point to make it really clear:

There are tons of different formats including huge fields of thousands of players all the way to individual heads-up matches against just one other player. The buy-ins also range from completely free all the way to high stakes.

Join a Fantasy Sports League and Create a Team

How to Join a Fantasy Sports League

There are a few stages to getting up and running betting on fantasy sports including signing up to a site, making a deposit, choosing your sport and contest and then drafting a team of players.

Let’s go through it step by step to make sure the process goes smoothly.

Fantasy Sports Betting Options?

The major fantasy sports betting sites available in the US have a huge list of options as far as what sports you can bet on, including:

Fantasy Sports Betting Tips
  • Always research the athletes, teams and anything else you can think of that might affect the players’ performances.
  • Play in big-field contests with hundreds or thousands of players if you want the chance to win huge prizes.
  • Play in head-to-head and double-up contests if you want low risk and are okay with smaller prizes.
  • Always play within your bankroll with money you can afford to lose.

Mobile Fantasy Sports Betting

Today’s cutting-edge mobile technology and fantasy sports betting are a match made in heaven. No longer are you stuck on your computer when you want to make bets or track your team’s points while you’re watching the game.

Nowadays all the top-rated sites offer mobile sports betting which you can access using the internet browser on your smartphone or tablet, plus dedicated mobile apps that give you even more functionality when you’re playing on the go.

You can play fantasy sports for real money on iOS and Android devices including iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Note, Galaxy Tab, Google Pixel 2, Huawei P20 Pro and many more of the most popular mobile devices.

Free Fantasy Sports Betting

Free Fantasy Sports Betting

If you’re dying to try fantasy sports betting but either don’t have or don’t want to risk real money to play, don’t worry. There are tons of awesome options to start playing for free right now. Even better, you can actually win cash prizes without investing a cent.

Some of the perks of playing for free include:

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does fantasy sports betting work?

    It varies slightly from sport to sport but generally fantasy sports involves drafting your own unique team of professional athletes who earn points based on how well they play during the time of your contest.

    Your team competes against other DFS players’ teams for real money in contests ranging from massive fields of thousands of players all the way down to head-to-head matches.

  • What is daily fantasy sports (DFS) betting?

    Daily fantasy sports originally referred to contests that would last just one game or one day, instead of the season-long fantasy leagues that have been around since the 1960s. Nowadays, however, DFS also refers to contests and leagues that last longer than one day.

  • What fantasy sports can I bet on?

    The major DFS sites offer most major sports including baseball, football, basketball, ice hockey, soccer, golf, NASCAR, MMA and eSports. Check your site to see exactly what they offer.

  • Can I trust fantasy sports sites?

    All the sites we recommend are 100% trustworthy. We investigate the reputation and licenses of the sites we review to make sure they are safe and secure for our readers to use.

  • What are the best fantasy sports sites to bet on?

    The two biggest DFS sites are and Other big sites include and Yahoo! Sports.

  • Is fantasy sports betting legal?

    Fantasy sports betting is considered legal in the vast majority of states since US courts have deemed it to be a game of skill. In a small handful of states the rules are less clear and the big DFS sites have decided not to offer their services there. Check out our interactive map to see which states qualify.

  • Can I bet on fantasy sports on my mobile or tablet?

    Absolutely. Nowadays all the best fantasy sports sites allow you to play on your smartphone or tablet either in-browser or using a downloadable app.

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