Online Slots Playing Strategy # 1 – Understand what you are playing

On some Slot Machines connected to jackpots you have to bet maximum coins/credits and get the winning symbols to gather the Slot Machine jackpot.

There’s zero worse than getting the Slot Machine jackpot symbols and realizing that for one dollar more you would have won $100000 as an alternative to $1000. The same goes for slots that offer free spins or bonus features, if you recognize what you need to win you won’t walk away only a few spins from getting them.

Accepting what your playing can greatly increase the enjoyment when you play Slots.

Online Slots Playing Strategy # 2 – Changing your bet size

This Slot Machine strategy is first-class for all Slot Machines but is not a counseled method of play on progressive Slot Machines. Rather than continuing at the same amount of coins /credits per spin try altering your bet sizes around.

This gives you the possibility of getting the higher win multiplier devoid of using too much money. If you are lucky you will hit winning pay lines when you are on the higher bets.

This strategy is great for Slot Machines that offer free spins or bonus rounds because you can get free spins at a higher bet level than you would usually play. It does not change the odds of winning in any way.