Coin Cups on Handles or Seats:

They might have run to the bathroom or left to get change. In casinos, that use all coinless machines the player may put a personal object such as a jacket on the chair to hold it. You ought to respect this and look for another machine.

Playing Multiple Machines:

Some players like to play more than a few machines at a time. For some reason they require a need to be playing as rapidly as possible. During packed times you desist from playing more than one machine and allow other player the chance to play. Some casinos have a sign stating “One Machine per player during busy times.” This should be appreciated and if you happen to be playing two machines you should surrender one if another player asks.

Player’s Cards Left in Machine:

From time to time a player will not remember their card when they leave the machine. You will find it as you put in your card. It is habitual to just place the other player’s card on top of the machine. Many times a player will understand that they have forgotten their card and go back to the last machine they were playing. If you put it on top they can rapidly find it and it will save them time having to stand in line for a new card.